WHO we are, and OUR story so far

Technology is getting smarter, but the challenge is aligning it to people. An organisation can fail to gain the promised value from their move to the Cloud, if they don’t get this right.

At the core of Customer eXperience is knowing how, when and where technology aligns with people – your people, our people and your customers.

We’ve been in this industry for over 35 years. And were amongst the very first to deliver Cloud-based contact centre solutions in Australia - matching people and process with the right technology, to create a better experience for everyone. We’ve seen first-hand what can go wrong, and have celebrated with leading brands when successful. 

Rise.CX was born from a need for quality solutions that bring people with them - quality solutions that fit an organisation’s environment for the long-term. Designed and delivered by Contact Centre experts, who have lived and breathed this stuff for decades.

Digital channels, contact centres and people journeys are our thing! 

We’re changing the way organisations in Australia engage. Creating an eco-system of partners, not competitors, to complement and add real value. Set for agility, and giving the best possible brand experience to the end-customer.

Rise.CX is a movement, attracting the best talent and harnessing the capability of the team. A team that will care about the human-impacting solution they’ll be delivering into your business.

1. Inception

After 35 years (each!) in the industry, our founders decided that enough was enough. They'd seen numerous organisations implement new technology, celebrate, leave it dormant, then try again a few years later - like clockwork!


They had worked at companies which saw Customer eXperience (CX) as a buzz phrase, nothing more. They saw the B2B market run rife with unfair deals and complicated contracts that put end-customers in a losing position, and businesses that didn't value their staff. 

It was time to start something new, and offer something different to the market. Together, Josephine Willis and Guy Elliott came together to form Rise.CX - a new CX technology startup headquartered in Melbourne, Australia - but globally-minded and enabled. 

2. Building the Team

By 2019, through establishing a robust staff augmentation business, Rise.CX had gathered top talent from within the CX industry to build out its team.


The Rise.CX team went from 3 to 50 strong within 18 months, and we established ourselves as one of the largest Contact Centre Technology Professional Services providers in Australia. Our team scaled in capabilities from software and network engineering, to specialist Agile transformation and delivery, through to best practice DevOps, Service Delivery and Cloud architecture.

Throughout the rest of 2019, we built strong industry partnerships with market giants, and Rise.CX commenced developing our own suite of exclusive products and services. This included our market-first RiseXperience CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) offering, and proprietary RiseNgage technology adoption methodology. 


In early 2020, we were hit by the same disruption COVID-19 brought the world over.


It's been a trying time for businesses everywhere - us and our clients included. It's been especially during this period, however, that our team has seen the realities of exactly why the market needs what we have to offer - on a daily basis. 

We formally launched RiseXperience, an omni-channel Digital Contact Centre product native to the AWS Cloud and Amazon Connect, in May 2020. As first market-movers in the Asia-Pacific region, we're marked by a unique approach to technology implementation and adoption - putting people at the center - and a hassle-free business model which allows you to only ever pay for the value you get. 

After a collective 150 years in the industry, we're only just getting started. 

Come chat with us about what we could do for you. 

Image by Fabian Mardi