Are We Having Fun Yet? Here's How to Ensure You Are

Can you believe it is the end of January already? Time flies when you are having fun!

But here’s the thing about fun. It seems like many managers discourage it because they think if people are having fun then they are not doing work. That is so untrue.

Often some of the most intense periods of work contain the most fun!

The bonding that happens over a shared intense experience is fantastic. Intense days can be looked back on with a laugh about “how insane that day was” or maybe sharing positive stories about how you helped a customer with a serious challenge and got them an outcome they were happy with.

Fun is an important part of every day. The Minister for Fun once said, “If it’s not fun, don’t do it. If you have to do it, make it fun.” Any situation can have fun injected into it.

Some ways to add more fun are:

* Smile

* Look for the funny story

* Be enthusiastic with your customer

* Greet your customer in a way they are not expecting. For example, if they ask “How are you?” don’t respond with “Fine.” Say something like, “Fighting fit and raring to go” or “Feeling fabulous”. Watch them smile when you do!

How do you add fun to the day?