Are You Ready? Your Customers Are!

The first week of January always seems to have a retail rush. Many people are on holidays, more sales are kicking in and Christmas returns will be processed. Christmas vouchers are ready to spend and your customers are ready to SHOP! But, are you ready? The following questions must be considered then: - Are your #CustomerService processes ready? - Can your #CX system handle the extra pressure? - Can your staffing levels handle the increased number of online and phone enquiries? - Are your team all trained up on on your systems and processes to handle those once a year exceptions that seem to happen around now? As Louis Pasteur, famous French chemist and microbiologist, said “Fortune favours the prepared mind”. For us, fortune and success favours our CX systems and processes. If you need help with improving your #CXSystems, reach out to the Rise.CX team at to find out more information or visit our website at