Happy to Invest, but Hate to Waste

CX is such a critical part of business. It is the coal face of where customers directly interact with a company.

What is this worth to your business?

Most companies are happy to invest in CX. They realise its importance and how much it actually adds to the bottom line.

Nonetheless, all companies HATE wasting money, and the key is always Return on Investment (ROI).

Simple logic being: You want the return to be as high as possible, and the initial investment to be as low as possible.

In the CX world however, business needs can be so varied that you don't know exactly what you need to provide the customer experience that your customers expect.

Enter the consumption-based pricing model.

How much better would it be for your business if you were only billed for what you used..? Billed only for the time your agents were on the phone? And only for the resources that you use, if or when you use them..?

While money isn't everything, in our current climate, it is most certainly a key consideration with your CX systems. Talk to us about how we can help transform your billing designs.

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