How an Escape Makes You More Effective and Energetic

What a year this has been!

Working from home, supporting global clients, creating new processes, time-saving interfaces and looking after the ones you live with means boundaries have become blurred.

The myth of working 9 to 5 has long been exposed.

If our boundaries are weak, we can end up giving all of our time, energy and focus to others. This means we don't have enough left to look after ourselves.

That's where an escape comes in!

Many of the team based in Melbourne are already planning getaways. Now that we can go more than 25km, a change of location is appealing.

Short trips to get some space. Some fresh air. Some grass under your feet or sand between your toes. Or maybe just to see a sky full of stars.

This kind of escape is a great way to reset, to re-energise and re-inspire ourselves. Let go of the everyday life issues and focus on reconnecting with yourself.

If every day feels like a week, every week seems to last a year, or if this year seems to have lasted a lifetime, then maybe a quick escape is what you need!

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