How to Easily Run a Contact Centre From Home

Most residents in Victoria are now under Stage 4 lockdown and a curfew. Other parts of the state are Stage 3 lockdown. Some parts of the country are roaming relatively freely and fear the return of any kind of lockdown.

So how do we make it safer for all of our Contact Centre staff?

We have them work from home!

The challenge for most Contact Centre Managers is the concept of moving something that was all in the one spot, with central technology and direct access, to run it remotely.

We’re here to show you it’s possible - and even easy.

This is what our clients love about RiseXperience:

- The system allows remote usage, great flexibility and can be setup in a matter of days!

- Our consumption-based pricing model is simply that, you pay for what you use.

- You have complete control and awareness of what is happening with our Reporting and Analytics Dashboard. This can be altered to reflect whatever is important to your business.

- The tech is simple. A computer and a headset is all you need to make a functional workstation for your contact centre operator.

Working from home is here to stay, and it is a paramount building block for Contact Centres of the future.