How To Fix the Things That Make You #Angry Without Harming Anyone!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Don’t you hate it when you get stuck in traffic. EVERYONE IS IN YOUR WAY!

The only thing worse is when you realise you are not simply stuck in traffic, YOU ARE TRAFFIC!

So, many of the problems we hate are the ones we help cause.

As you read last Friday, we celebrated the idea of having a break. When our team got together and talked about their weekend escapes, so many talked about the traffic everyone going on a break caused.

It is time to think bigger about the issues we cause that ANNOY US and how we can prevent them from happening.

Let’s look at traffic. Rise.CX are huge fans of Working from Home. Many of our clients have realised that they really only need to be in the office for a couple of days a week. So why not live at the getaway resort and commute virtually?

This saves: pollution, money (from fuels, toll, parking), vehicle maintenance, road wear and tear, time and energy (from driving), cost of office space/amenities, and many other elements.

This gives: more time for family and hobbies, reduced stress from commuting, increased personal savings, increased productivity, and flexibility to live in your ideal location.

So, what problem that you contribute to, can you and your team solve?