How to make "Would you like fries with that?" a Wanted Question!

Have you ever been to a fast food place, ordered what you are after (which ALWAYS includes fries) and then the customer service agent asks, “Would you like fries with that?”

They’ve asked that question so often that they don’t even realise what they are asking. The training worked so they know to ask it, but it’s so repetitive that they have forgotten to actually pay attention to the order and this individual customer.

In the world of customer experience, industry professionals KNOW that this upsell question is important. It adds a significant amount to the bottom line each year and is (more importantly) an opportunity to provide excellent service.

Imagine shopping for paint and then getting home realising that you forgot to get new rollers, or maybe you have purchased new shoes but forgot to get the shoe trees or appropriate polish for them.

The cross sell can often be a reminder of what the customer needs to get the best value out of their purchase. So, when asking the question your team needs to ask, make sure that they have the context of the transaction and are not just trying to sell more. They also need to make sure that their intent is to add extra value for every customer and is just not a ploy to “sell more stuff”

So, did you want fries with that?

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