How to make your working day successful from Home

In the #CX industry, working from home has become almost the norm now. Technology has made this possible, but what else do you need to make your working day successful?

Here are some of the things our team believe are critical:

1 - Your Window to the World: If it is not on the internet, it hasn’t really happened. Your computer keeps you connected.

2 - External Stimulus: Whether it’s coffee, tea or cordial, a bit of external stimulus never goes astray.

3 - Papers of Destiny: You could be updating your shopping list, writing notes for your autobiography or simply jotting notes about your call. You never know when you need a trusty notepad.

4 - Instruments of Truth: The humble pencil or pen - we know they can be mightier than the sword!

5 - Personality Plugs: Phones are so passe. Now, a simple headset allows you to share your personality and give great service to your customers.

6 - Mops for Magical Moments: When you capture a magic moment and tears of joy are dripping down your face, or maybe you have spilt your External Stimulus, these mops come in handy.

7 - The Fabulous Feeling of Home: You just can’t get it anywhere else.

Show us some of the key features of your Work From Home setup!