How to Take The Scare Out of Business (Unlike Halloween)

t’s Halloween. For 2020, Halloween barely makes the scary list! Some of the situations we've faced this year have been heart-stopping - both personally and professionally.

But there are some scary situations in business that can be avoided. So, on the eve of Halloween, we thought we would list some of them:

Backups: The only thing worse than losing your data and not having a backup is losing your data, and the backup isn’t working! The joy of running your business on the cloud is that your data is constantly backed up, on more reliable infrastructure than you'd likely ever be able to assure on your own. All storage is on enterprise-grade equipment and backups often have their own backups!

Data Integrity: Ever been working on a system and then discover that the changes you made can’t be saved..? Again, your cloud setup can manage that so that you are always working on the latest and greatest iteration of your data.

Broken Leg: One of our key team members broke their leg a few years ago. Remote working via cloud-enabled systems meant that they could recover from home AND still contribute to us and our clients.

Let us know if you have any nightmare situations that you need help handling.

Have a fun, safe Halloween!