It is Time for a Golden, Shining Future

Today is National Wattle Day here in Australia. The Golden Wattle is a symbol of unity and resilience - exactly what we need to get through the current pandemic and the impact it is having on us all. The Golden Wattle is also Australia’s national floral emblem. Monty Python even has a song about it! The first celebration of Wattle Day took place on 1 September in 1910. With the First World War, selling wattle sprigs was a way to raise money for the troops overseas and later, for injured soldiers and family charities. In 1992, the first day of spring: 1st September, was proclaimed by then Governor General, Sir Ninian Stephen, to be Australia's National Wattle Day for everyone across Australia, to celebrate at the same time. So on this first day of spring, this Golden Wattle Day, all of us here at Rise.CX wish you a golden future, the strength that comes from your community, and the resilience to continue to meet head on all you have to during this pandemic. Happy Wattle Day! #cx #customerservice #customerexperience