Launch of RiseXperience - A New Digital Contact Centre Solution

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Melbourne, Australia: In an Australian market-first release, Rise.CX is today announcing the launch of RiseXperience, a new Digital Contact Centre Solution integrated directly with Amazon Connect. RiseXperience is a feature-rich, omni-channel CX platform natively built on AWS, and offers a new way for organisations to connect with their customers.

‘We’re the first movers launching this technology in Australia – a digital contact centre solution living on Amazon Connect and AWS, and completely integration-ready with any tech ecosystem, out-of-the-box. With powerful omni-channel and analytics capabilities inbuilt, it’s the fastest way for organisations to adapt their business,’ says Guy Elliott, industry veteran and co-founder of Rise.CX.

Josie Willis, Managing Director and fellow co-founder of Rise.CX, agrees. ‘As an Australian startup, we really wanted to create something different in the industry, that was focused on people. Any change – no matter how brilliant – generates anxiety.

What’s special about RiseXperience is we not only have a robust technology solution that’s unique in the market, but also a proprietary delivery approach that focuses on readying people and culture for this adoption.’

Features and benefits of the RiseXperience platform include:

- A full-featured on-demand Digital Contact Centre, with powerful omni-channel and analytics capabilities

- Native built on Amazon Connect and AWS Cloud infrastructure

- A robust and highly usable inbound IVR and CTI Solution

- Per-minute, consumptive billing model with no minimum commitments

- A proprietary change and implementation methodology that up-skills teams and supports adoption.