The best strategy to shift your focus during COVID-19

With Victoria’s continuing lockdown and the long-term uncertainty of the global impact of our current pandemic, it is time to let go of “returning to normal”. Where we are now, is a new normal.

So how do we make our new normal work for us?

The best strategy and tool to reduce the damage of lockdown and to actually focus on growth is to look at Digital. Digital means that we can be geographically agnostic. We can work from anywhere that has an internet connection and we can have customers anywhere that has an internet connection. If we can deliver our services digitally, or at very least, add a digital element to what we are offering, all the better.

For some of us, this shift is minor and has been on the cards for some time. For others, it is a significant shift to get their head around, let alone implement. The gift of this pandemic is that it is forcing us to do something that will keep us in business, but also allow the ability to deliver globally.

How have you and your business embraced digital?

What is stopping you from having a more digital focus?

What help do you need to get there?

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