The Office Is Ready For You But Are You Ready For It?

For many of us here in Australia, COVID management is now at a level that allows offices to start reopening. New cleaning regimes are being enacted, new protocols for meetings/gatherings have been created and contact tracing processes are here to stay.

But are YOU ready…?

The idea of being in an elevator with a big group of people just doesn’t feel right anymore. Long meetings in cramped rooms bring a degree of concern, whilst spending time within the masses will bring some level of discomfort.

Beyond the physical aspects of getting ourselves to the office again, it may take some mindset adjustments.

Maybe we need a new office version of “Be Alert, Not Alarmed” to help us feel safe.

While some companies are slowly bringing their people back to the office, others have moved to a permanently remote working arrangement because technologies like RiseXperience have allowed that shift to happen.

Whatever your company has done, make sure you feel safe and are doing what works for you. Take it easy on yourself and don’t underestimate the impacts of what we have been through with this pandemic. For some, it may be easy to bounce back, and for others, it’ll take time.

See you back in the office if we do!