What is the Highest Measure of Customer Satisfaction?

As a company focussed on Customer Satisfaction, we are always looking for the best way to measure it. Regardless of whether it is our client, the end customer or our team (the internal customer!), we’re continually looking for ways to ensure we are on track. One of the best ways to measure this in people? Their smile! If your client, customer or team smile when you’re talking to them, this is a good sign. If your CX crew are smiling as they are talking on the phone, this is a good sign. If your client is laughing on a Friday afternoon because: 1. It’s Friday and 2. They are making great progress, that’s a good sign! There will always be challenges on the journey. But if your team, clients and customers are usually smiling, they’ll be resilient through the lows, knowing you’re always working to fix challenges and get them smiling again. Do your clients smile..? Does your CX team smile..? Do you smile around your team? Maybe it’s time you did. Happy Friday!