Why should you move to the Cloud..?

The Cloud - or as it is more accurately known, other people's computers. It has been a buzz word for ages and many are speaking about it. So why should you make the move?

At Rise.CX, we are huge believers in Cloud computing for these reasons:

1. It is Other People’s Computers. All day long, all they do is make sure these computers are operational, secure, backed up, and ready to do what needs to be done - freeing you up to do what you do best (chances are, this isn't maintaining your own data centre!).

2. It is Flexible. Because other people/companies have these large bank of computers, it is expandable (almost at a drop of a hat). So when you get that huge new client, there's no worries. You are supported. Also, if you have a short-term crisis, you can decrease your usage as well and save on costs as well.

3. It is Secure. Never before has physical and digital security been so front-of-mind. Simple things like hard drive failure can be minimised with the right architecture. Physical security can be addressed with multiple data sites. Digital security is constantly managed by experts in the field. But for you, it's “plug n' play.”

4. It is Accessible. Geography is no longer an issue. Depending on your staffing needs, you can recruit globally. Your biggest concern will be internet speed and accessibility. Staff working remotely, hot-desking, changing office locations and travelling is now business as usual.

5. It is Cost-Effective. Rather than you having to fork out a hefty lot of capital for all of the infrastructure, expertise and technology you need, this is Pay As You Go (PAYG) on the Cloud. This often means your costs are known, manageable, and easily scaleable as your business flexes.

6. It is Easier. Let’s face it, who needs the pain of running all that technology yourself? If you can plug into the systems you need, customised to how your business operates, and quickly move your focus to servicing your clients and supporting your customers, that's life becoming easier to the tee.

Our clients are loving what the Cloud does for their business.

Get in touch to find out what it has done for them and can do for yours.

Guy Elliott is Co-Founder and Head of Customer Experience at Rise.CX, creating people-first, digital solutions for new-world contact centres.