Will You Slow Down, Speed Up or Steady as She Goes?

It’s official. Summer has started here in Australia.

So how does your business approach the summer period? For many businesses, December and January are treated as one. Activity declines, focus wanes and celebrations start. 2020 will be no different in this area.

For some, the festive season means busy times. For those of us coming out of lockdown, we may embrace cafes, dining out, and retail again. Those businesses will be restaffing and getting ready for the rush.

Finally, you have those that are constant all year round. Just plugging along at a steady pace.

Which one are you?

At Rise.CX, we’re continuing to work full steam ahead. Naturally, we want the Rise team to celebrate this period with their family and friends but we’re also taking advantage of this time to help our clients stay ahead.

A couple of our clients have a bit of down time at the end of December, so it is a perfect time to get things done. Others are ramping up for a big 2021, while some are always constant so now is a great opportunity to prepare for the new year.

What do you need to do to get ahead of 2021 in your #CX or #CustomerService area, and how can we help?